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Affirmation of Baptism

Confirmation at Our Saviour's is provided for all ages over 7th grade, as students feel they are ready to take a step deeper into their faith lives. Students interested in affirming their baptisms and taking on faith promises for themselves are eligible to begin the process of being confirmed. Confirmation is held throughout the year, with classes being announced each "semester" for students to sign up for and participate in. All students must complete, or test out, of all the following topics:


Intro to the Bible

Creation: From Genesis and Beyond

Notable Hebrew Bible Characters: Who, What, When, Where?

The Laws:
From 613 to 10 to 2

The Prophets: Who are they and do they still matter?

From Slavery into Freedom: The Story of God's Chosen People

The Psalms

Jesus and the Gospels

Jesus: From Death to Life

Acts, the Apostles, and the Early Church

Paul's Story and Letters

Revelation & "The End"

Martin Luther and Lutheran History

From Acts to Organized Christianity

Martin Luther: His Story

95 Thesis and Lutheran Reformation

Continued Reformation:
From Luther to ELCA

The 10 Commandments

The Lord's Prayer

The Creeds

Faith for Today

Worship, Liturgy, and "Churchy Words"

Confession and Forgiveness: Is God's Grace for Me?

Holy Communion

Baptism and Affirmation of Baptism

Councils & Committees: Who 'leads' the church?

Spiritual Gifts:
How Can I Serve?


Spiritual Practices: Does Practice Make Perfect?

Death and Dying

In the Image of God: Created to Create

Doubt & Darkness: Where is God in the Struggles?

Confirmation is not just about knowledge, but about growing as a person of faith and preparing to be a full participant in the church. Students preparing to affirm their baptisms are expected to complete the following requirements alongside the regular classes. 

Worship Notes

Students are expected to complete a total of 30 worship notes over their confirmation experience. 

Service & Stewardship 

Students are expected to get involved in our congregation and community to earn service and stewardship points. This helps them see where their gifts might best be used to serve. 

Youth Trip

Students must attend at least one trip, activity, or project beyond the church walls. This includes a youth trip, mission project, or week of camp. 

Faith Statement

Students nearing the completion of the confirmation program will be instructed on how to write a statement of faith, to be read on their confirmation day. This is done alongside the pastor and other faithful adults. 

Spring 2024 Schedule

Martin Luther At Home Work - October 18th

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